Do not be fooled by World Environmental LLC in spring TX

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Do not be fooled by World Environmental LLC in Spring Texas. I would almost say this place is almost a SCAM. They make you think you are working an 8 to 5 job in reality they are slave drivers who want you to come in at 7 and leave at like 8 or 9 at night. They indicate that there will be a quarterly bonuses but there really isn't. It is usually taken away. In addition the turnover is almost monthly if not weekly. I would say they blindside their employees and then people that had perfectly good lives are stuck with a *** job with mean, rude, unappreciative bosses that still think they aren't doing a good job when they work 12 hour days.

If you take a job here you would be ***!

Review about: Job.



Having worked for World early on, I agree with the original complaint. The turnover rate is ridiculous and 'incentives' are routinely dangled and not delivered. Shady employer.


This was on judge just

They were sued

By cousin

He won.

Dallas, Texas, United States #809639

Not really sure about this site it seems to be more for upset employees to vent.I was under the impression that it was for consumers plus or minus.

I just had World do small project and it was done to my specs.

Was it a joy and party, no but the performed professionally and met the time line with a complete deliverable and for a fixed fee.:)


This company is a fraud. They hire people to work on projects and do not pay them. DO NOT WORK OR HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!!They are a disgrace to the environmental consulting industry.

Working for them will create a bad mark in your employment references. Also hiring them will create a major issue with any regulator or regulation authority.

Head the warnings on this web site!

to Anonymous #787691

There is only one group that doesn't get paid when all else do: Are you one of the subs that invoiced for hours on a project that you said you could do and then overworked the file by almost double the hours - and then expected to be paid the entire amount for it - even after it was still wrong?The Company doesn't have issues with the regulators - unless of course, the people (and subs) that represent it do bad techincal work.

It's NOT the company that has a reputation with the regulators or any regulation entity, it's the professional technical staff representing the Company to the regulator. Now then, wouldn't that have been YOU :roll in this case? Come on, there are two sides to every story.

Maybe someone should write this nonsense about your firm as well.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #787695

World has been known to hire contractors because they are busy with projects.Beware of contractors because they will tell you they can work within a budget and want to over-bill clients!

Some Contractors don't care about the clients it is all about them getting a paycheck.

World Environmental will protect their clients and get the project done within the budget even if the employees or contractors over work the project and do a sub-standard job!:eek :?


If you know the owners, you'll be able to quickly distinguish their comments on this page.The company is a joke.

The new owner is extremely unprofessional and unknowledgeable. She will not hesitate to yell and belittle you. She truly is a Dental Hygienist and should go back to being one. Debra now owns the company only because they are trying to get the contracts since she is a woman and not white.

She lies to prospect employees, current employees and worse, the clients. World Environmental will charge the clients for work that was not performed.

Debra will forge TCEQ-required documents.Every problem is blamed on the employees, even when the owner is the one who was wrong.

to Beware #787680

They are troubled with new hires that lie on their resume and through the interview process.World is a small firm and has been around since May 2007.

They have stellar clients in every industry and need to hire more senior professionals than hiring idiots that are on this website complaining. I dont know if you are on Linkedin but everyone is jumping from job to job. They are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!!!!

Grow up and be accountable for your own actions. I know that they have several PG's and PE's that have been with them for 20 years plus!

Boy I would love to see your resume!:?

to Beware #787688

Again, pay close attention to those writing these negative comments, especially about billing.How would any rank and file employee know about the billing of a company unless he/she contributed to the perceived billing error.

Is that why you aren't there anymore....because you were caught overbilling your projects or lying about what work you performed for a client and then having the company bill for it in error only to find out and then have to go back and make up for your mistakes. There was one employee that was actually caught doing this - a $100,000 a year employee that was listing his projects as 75%, etc complete when they were only 40%. That person was let go. Is that you?

Tell the whole story if you have a story to tell.

Nobody enjoys a habiyual *** and whiner.

to Beware Houston, Texas, United States #814350

This is more like the truth about the place!If you go to work there I feel sorry for you already.

The worst place I have ever worked and they never paid me!There were several other people that didn't get paid as well.


This makes me laugh!It is obvious that the owners are on here trying to save face, but as normal with them, they are lies.

Debra, go back to being a dental Hygienist. You have no management skills. You are rude and unprofessional. Michael, you are a liar and you aren't even good at lying.

World Environmental is a crooked company and will *** out of every cent they can.If you are looking at becoming employed there, DON'T!

to Ex Employee #787687

One of the most puzzling things that I find entertaining as well about these type of sites is does anyone ever notice that employees never post what he / she did wrong or where he / she failed in the in employer / employee relationship?It's always aimed at the Employer, written solely from the disgruntled or jilted employee's view; and yes, there are more Companies than this one on here.

Do you ever see an employee saying that they didn't show up to work on time or took too much time off or that they were caught lying on a time sheet, or not filling out their time sheet at all, or they lied about their abilities, or worse yet, that they were doing hard core prescription drugs that had driving warnings plastered all over them right before they go to drive a company vehicle? It's funny that these jilted staff ex-staff members never write this type of stuff and admit some fault in the break-down that led to he or she leaving. Nope, rather it's always a one-sided view. They ought to call these ***, moan and complain boards for ex-employees that have an axe to grind but can't do it with their name attached to it.

Success is two-sided, just as much as failure is. That's reality. No company is perfect, but has anyone ever stopped to think and ask: "but what did the person writing all of this terrible stuff do as well to the employer that they are *** about?" You see, I don't think that anyone ever truly believes that these things are one-sided. There's a new workforce out there, and to be fair, it isn't the type that hunkers down for the long haul.

Most employers are cluing into this now. The "aristobrats." Everyone thinks that they are sharpest knife in the drawer and entitled. Everyone is a free agent now and when things don't go their way, then poof, they're out - or they simply disengage - even while taking a paycheck from the very employer that they are cussing on here. Finally, does anyone ever write on here (or any of these moan & groan boards) that they were being paid anywhere from $100,000 to $130,000 per year (in consulting, mind you with no real responsibility like a EHS manager would have), plus a company vehicle to drive, etc and were mad that the company expected a little bit more of them than the average employee (meaning working until the job is completed)?

I never see people write this stuff and provide a balanced argument. It's always the employer that is bad.

Look in the mirror ex-employees, and you might see that actually engaging might help your pain - otherwsie get used to this feeling in your gut called anxiety because you'll be writing this about your next employer as well.:upset

to Ex Employee Houston, Texas, United States #787706

The only thing I see here is a person who is very unhappy with their life and where their life ended up.The fact that Debra came out of another industry and has taking the time to learn the environmental industry is pretty impressive to me.

She has taken the time to go back to school and learn this industry. I have kids graduating with an environmental degree and have no clue on what they are doing, and don't want to expand their knowledge to learn the practical side of the environmental industry. How can anyone work in the environmental industry and not have their 40 Hazwoper, but you would be surprised!!!!! Debra has taken the time to learn this industry and she does have her 40 Hazwoper, and has other environmental & OSHA certificates.

So bad mouth her all you want but I think she is probably doing better than you are!:cry :x :p

Pearland, Texas, United States #666248

I find 90% of these posts comical.It is so obvious that one of the owners wrote most of these; of course except for the truthful ones.

I worked there and yes there were those that didn't pull their weight but not EVERY problem that company had was a result of all bad employees who are worthless Gen Y'ers as he would say that don't want to work. But that is their game, they blame everything they do wrong on bad employees. If that were the case I would say wow you suck at hiring people!!! Yet strangely, most of those employees that have left or been let go, have since found jobs with reputable companies and strangely have kept those jobs and are flourishing.

Don't be fooled is right, their favorite thing to do while I worked their was to hire incompetant and inexperienced people with little or no skills and call them Project Manager's and bill them at $85/hour or more depending on how "good" of a client you were.

So, if you have hired them to work for you, i'm sorry to hear that for you.Good luck.


In addition, ask for resumes of everyone working on your project. Many employees have absolutely no experience or education and are totally unqualified, yet are billed out at $65-85 per hour. It boggles the mind that they remain in business.

to anonymous Kingwood, Texas, United States #633864

They have made some mistakes hiring recent college graduates from leading schools like TAMU, UH, etc.and yes, they had to be trained.

Folks have to learn somewhere, right. Despite people like me advising them not to hire recent graduates because of the new "Gen Y" culture that is so pervasive in our economy now, they hire them anyway. Despite that, one of the owners, the main owner loves to hire recent grads and also loves it hire field staff for their field work for data and sample collection activities. He loves to give people an opportunity to learn the business.

Some of the people coming into their company with degrees have less experience than field people that have no education applying to jobs, because the field people have to know how to do it and have done it.

It is true that they have some educated people, but it is too bad that some of them haven't taken the time to go a step further and actually learn their jobs and how to carry them out.

to But....... Houston, Texas, United States #814349

I never saw a college graduate except for the dental assistant who was crazy or on drugs!The owners are like vampires that you never see and then when I worked there never actually worked.

Debra is not qualified and does not have the certifications she claims to have.


If you choose to use this company, be sure to speak directly to the person working on your project and their immediate supervisor only.Make sure you have all your terms lump sum and if they must be time and materials ask for daily/weekly summaries of activities even if there have been none and keep these filed with your projects they are working on.

When it comes time for the invoice ask for a line by line/daily activity billing summary.

Check your daily status updates where no activities are mentioned as well as miniscule tasks to their billing record.You will likely be surprised at the number and cash value of discrepancies

to anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #633858

Who the heck writes this mess?I've worked there and am now out on my own.

I was a PM. I am confused though. Did you work in accounting there? We're you client?

How do you know this? In my experience and just knowing the bookkeeper there (at the time) and I was never privy to this information. Further, I was told a few times that if anything, they lost money because some of their employees failed to enter time correctly, if at all, and many of their subs weren't even billed out or accounted for properly. After a batch of people were removed in early 2012, controls were put in place due to certain employees haphazardly managing client's expectations and not billing out for all of the sub pass throughs.

Yes, they cleaned house, but to be fair, it probably needed to be done a lot early. I managed a few clients and few projects and even had worked subbed to me and I never saw any of this. In fact, I saw the opposite. I saw them lose money on poor project managers that the owners were guilty of trusting.

Consider both sides when you read these reviews.

There are always two sides to every story.:roll


Amen brother!!!Not only that but they lie to your face and blame all their problems on the crappy employees.

Then to top it all off they lie and manipulate their clients as well with *** poor service.No wonder people leave them left and right including clients!

to Former employee Katy, Texas, United States #633869

I recently took a job at World.Yes, there are some issues, but the larger issues seems to be an issue that I've seen at other larger firms.

There is the old school way and new school way. I'm unfortunately at an age where I am in the middle and understand after watching my parents work hard insane hours to give me and my siblings a great start in life, and then also seeing those who have been given everything that think that anything longer than an 8 hour day is slavery. Go figure. I learned fast at an other global firm that the answer is simply this: these are competitive times and you work the hours that need to be worked to get the job done.

People that complain about this often are never happy and rarely move ahead. What I see at World is "old school" leadership in Its two owners. One of them works insane hours and the other insists on results. The result of this is that they are the two rain-makers in the business, alongside one of the owners wives, who is a hard charging workaholic that insists that things are done right and that people do whatever is necessary to get the results right.

If you are a "new school" person, this will not set well with you and will even be off-putting and alarming. Then again, I also don't develop an ounce of work there, and from what I can tell neither does anyone else other than those 3 people; so, I could complain about their drive and determination, but then again, how else would I have a job and get paid if they weren't that way? People want it both ways it seems. Hugs and kisses, and then not have much required of them that stresses them.

Here's what I learned working a larger global firm (2 of them): people seldom have to drive other people to get their work done or dictate their hours or them if that person is already properly wired and trained to do the right thing. I care about my family and my ability to provide. Therefore, I car about my job and want to be successful. Anywhere I go I will be required to work hard and perform.

If I don't, eventually someone will notice and that will be the end of my tenure there. I find it to be easier to channel my energy from complaining and *** in the wind and simply engaging and being a part of the solution. The part I am laughing about is this: The only times in my 15 years in this business that I've had to work insane hours of overtime is when I didn't do the task or job assigned to me RIGHT the first time. I didn't follow instructions or I wasted time over thinking it or even just simply not wanting to do it until the last minute.

Maturity fixed that issue for me quickly when I got a family and actually needed to be home at a reasonable hour. Themes have changed. So have employees. I work here.

They seem to have a lot of work and they seem to have owners that know how it develop it. Their business manager is tough and demanding. Is that really anything different than anywhere else? Come on.

She allows develops about 1/3 of the business and makes sure that the numbers are met. Not bad for someone that knew nothing about the business 3 years ago. So, while I am being fed and taken care of, I will do as I am told and respect their way of doing it. I have choices and don't have to work here, Then again, companies have a choice about whether or not they want us.

Times have changed. I recently went an applied for a job at BP thinking that Industry was the way to go. 80+ people were competing for the same job and some flew in from other parts of the US and overseas to compete for it. It was similar to the job that I was offered at World.

I'm sure BP would have been just demanding as well of whomever It hired. I finally walked out when I realized how many people were looking for jobs. Remember this: If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger. Some people can't handle pressure and some people can.

After being laid off 2 times due to mergers of the larger firms, I'm just happy to be here.

Good luck to you and thanks for making room for me when you left.

to Former employee Baytown, Texas, United States #633880

They advanced me money today for my bills when I was short between pay checks when I first joined them.They never asked for any of it back, but only that I help take some of the burden off of them of other staff not pulling their weight.

I've worked other places and could have never asked my employers for money like that. It was thousands too.

I don't work there anymore because consulting wasn't for me, but I am very upset when reading reviews like this about people that give money away to help their staff.:eek

to Former employee Spring, Texas, United States #633883

I now work at a competitor.Fact.

My bonus was $5,000. I can't speak for what other people received, but I was a junior member of the staff and I received a very unexpected spot bonus of $5,000! I can only imagine what others above me received. I also know that some receive absolutely nothing, but that was to be expected.

They were the ones hiding in the weeds and trying to skate by. It's a small firm, so that won't go unnoticed for long. I got sassy with my new manager when they put one in place and as a result of a few warnings, I lost my job. I finally got a new job, but with one difference.....

I don't get $5,000 spot bonuses now.

to Competitor Houston, Texas, United States #814347

This is laughable! They need to file Chapter 11 and get the trustee to help Debra the dental assistant learn how to run a company - the only people they pay is themselves and family members.

to Former employee Spring, Texas, United States #633884

They support the Wounded Warrior project with their own time and money.I'm a vet and an American.

I am also a client. I am shocked and sickened to read these things about these honest American Veterans (both owners are Vets and the firm is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business). They are military guys and military people usually have higher standards than those who haven't worn the inform and the flag.

Consider the source when reading these sour grape reviews.

to Wounded Warrior #766034

I agree on one of the owners, that has wised up and left. The Ishee's are the frauds

to Anonymous #787698

Don't be so quick to assume why the other owner left the company so quickly.One might be very surprised as to why that person is gone, and it isn't because of simply "wising up and leaving" either.

That's why these boards are so amusing. It's all just information from one point of view with limited to data to back it up. You know what you kow, so you just have to be right. Are you the one that overbilled the Company and then tried to get your invoice paid when it was completely mistated?

:? There's always two sides to the story, and I guess if you read these boards, it's always the disgruntled ex-worker that didn't get his/her way that just must be right all the time.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #788943

:) AGREE!!!!!!!!

to Wounded Warrior Houston, Texas, United States #814345

This is a lie - they only support them selves and don't / can't meet their payroll obligations. They are under Labor Board investigation for not paying employees.


It's all true and then some. Check them out on

to anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #633872

One should ask for a list of names that left World during this time in 2012.Not surprisingly, many of them either still unemployed.

I know, because after I left in late 2012 and went to industry for a job, I had several of them hit me up for a job! And I wouldn't hire them! The owners were right for pushing a few out that simply needed to go and were lazy. Nothing wrong with that.

Of course they'd be disgruntled now. I work long hours and travel after hours in my oil and gas industry job. And they don't seem to even care how I feel about it either. Poor me.

Ha ha. Grow up folks. You have to work to get paid! There is no more "poor me, I don't want to work smart and get my job done" anymore.

Those days are gone! And guess what else......check out CNN! There are now more college graduates working as waiters and other similar jobs than at anytime ever in our history. Justin their news cast this past week.

Employers are getting smarter and hiring experienced staff that understand the game of work and pleasing their employers. More and more college grads are being told "no thanks, I'll opt for experience and maturity!" Our company won't even hire college grads unless they have co-op experience now! You're doing this to yourselves with this type of stuff that I'm reading here. Until you develop a client, manage a client, and bring in work to support yourselves; shut up, listen to instructions (the first time preferably), and do as your told and get some experience!

Oh, and thank your employer that you were even given an opportunity! Every place is hard! Grow up and he make it easier. Whining and complaining on the Internet won't help you.

They're still working.

I'm still working.Are you?

to Anonymous #766029

Again BS from the owner!

to anonymous #787701

It would be just as entertaining to come up with a web site that thrashes employees as well so that Companies won't hire them or at least think twice before doing so......oh wait, then we would have list their actual real names and that wouldn't be good, right, because it might hurt that person personally and professionally from getting work.However, it's OK to name employer names and about one-sided.


to anonymous #787702

Glassdoor = National Enquier.Ha ha.

How is it any better than this since nothing is actually verified. It's like a news story that everyone blindly believes and yet nobody independently verifies.

Writtne from one point of view.


This statement is 100% true!

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #633877

On a Saturday morning I learned that my personal bank account had been drained of its balance.I called the owners wife and told her what had happened.

I had no place to turn. She immediately took steps to cover me and my family until we could get back on our feet and even made arrangements for me to get professional help to fix things back up. She helped me and didn't have to. They loaned me money when they didn't have to and i am sure that no other employer would have.

They've helped others too. It's sad because some of the people that are gone like myself don't mention that on these boards and certainly never say thank you. People live in the moment - their moment. A small company with owners that care.

And I don't even work there anymore either, but they did help.

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